casa nuova

Bio vineyard

Our vineyards grows in clayey soil, sometimes even stony. The vine ground have an optimal content in organic substance at 1,5-2%; we practice sarments cut and give an additional part of humus in form of organic soil improvements such as compost.

Vines are growth with Guyot and pruning method that has never changed, thing that allowed us to have such long-lived vineyards.

We alternate mowing grass to soil tillage; we pay maximum attention in treating the vineyards with copper and sulphur, only if necessary and with minimum dosages, to contrast two mildews, downy mildew and powdery mildew, that might compromise the harvest. We also utilise pyrethrum to annihilate the insect vector of golden flavescence a lethal illness for vines, treatment imposed by Piemonte Region.

Reached grapes optimal maturation, generally in September, the harvest begin, rigorously by hand, as it has always been in the past years. An important, frenetic moment of work, but also of great satisfaction, this because after a year taking care of the vines, they give us back their fruits.

Biological agriculture is disciplined by a first group of regulations, Reg. CE 2092/91, and many later additions, giving precise indications about cultivation modalities.

Our Wine farm adhered to biological agriculture in 2015 and obtained certification in 2018, released by Valoritalia, inspection body authorised by Italian Ministry of Agricultural and Forestry Policies.


casa nuova Bio vineyard

We follow and respect Seasons

Casa Nuova follows Seasons


Casa Nuova follows Seasons


Casa Nuova follows Seasons


Casa Nuova follows Seasons