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Our cellar

The construction of the first section of the cellar dates back to the late 90th Century, right under the house; an expansion followed at the beginning of the 20th Century.

Originally part of the barrels were made  of  durmast and chestnut as well as concrete; today some of the barrels are still the original one, others have been substituted with iron barrels.

Our Cellar is our wine’s Home!

The completely underground cellar has the right humidity level, around 70%, partially fuelled by a part of the floor, still made of the original bricks of the foundation. Temperature has limited fluctuations, going between 12 in winter to 22 in summer; this avoid polyphenols falls in warm periods and tartaric acid precipitations in cold periods.

Due to these peculiarities, our cellar completely fulfils his role in must fermentation and wine preservation.

Life is too short to drink bad wine